Things you need to do right now! Part 1

Things you need to do

Act before 5th April 2023 to use the extended HMRC scheme to top up your state pension!

The State Pension is a useful source of retirement funding that can be combined with other sources of income in retirement.

The New State Pension is £9,627.80 per year.

It is claimable from state pension age but not everyone will get the same amount as this depends on your National Insurance (NI) record which is based on the amount of NI contributions you have made each tax year.

If you have gaps in your NI records this may mean you are not entitled to a full state pension.

You may be able to pay voluntary National Insurance contributions to fill these gaps.

Previously, you could only make top ups to cover the last 6 years contributions, but HMRC have extended the deadlines for making voluntary National Insurance contributions for the tax years to go back to 2006.

You will have until 5 April 2023 to make the voluntary contribution.

This is useful if you are approaching state pension age or if you have not been making your NI contributions over the years.

Follow these steps

  1. Check your state pension age:

Check your State Pension age – GOV.UK (

  • Check your pension entitlement :

Check your State Pension forecast – GOV.UK (

  • Check for gaps:

Check your National Insurance record – GOV.UK (

If there are gaps in your NI records, you may consider making a top up by following this process: Even 

Checking your state pension age and forecast can aid in future financial planning, even if retirement is years away.

Use this link to discuss your personalised strategy to fund your post work income:

This information is provided for general informational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional financial advice. Please seek the advice of a qualified financial advisor for personalised advice based on your individual circumstances

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