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Claim your free custom lifetime cashflow model Marc Burman Financial Planning

Why do I need a lifetime cashflow model?

Having your own bespoke cashflow model can help you answer the following questions:

What do I need to do today so that work becomes optional?

How much should I be setting aside today for my future?

What should I do today to ensure I don’t run out of money in the future?

Can I afford to help the children with university fees or help them on the property ladder?

How much life assurance should I have to make sure that my family can do all the things they want to in the future if I die?

What is the inheritance tax liability on my death and how can this be reduced?

In my view cash flow modelling lies at the heart of real financial planning. Cash flow modelling is a financial planning tool that shows you where you are now financially, and where you could be in the future.

If you think about it, having a steady flow of income is crucial whatever stage of life you are in. It is my aim to help as many people as possible understand the importance of cash flow modelling. With this in mind, I am offering a full lifetime cash flow modelling report which will be delivered in an real time Zoom meeting.

Think of it as a roadmap for the finances of the rest of your life! Please complete the form here and I will contact you to discuss the next steps. Why should I have a cash flow forecast prepared? Knowing when expenses are due and income is expected will allow you to take more control of your finances and help provide you with useful information to plan for the future.

What information could a cash flow forecast give me?

A cash flow forecast can give you a level of certainty about your finances both now and in the future. It will also allow you to see where there are potential gaps in your current and future finances.

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The example report is not a personalised recommendation and does not constitute financial advice. Your information will only be used for the purpose of this cash flow analysis. Any information you provide in this form will be treated in the strictest confidence. I will never pass on your details unless you have given your express permission. The example report will be produced assuming you cease working at your State Pension Age and that you are entitled to a full basic state pension. It also assumes that a target of income in retirement of 50% of current income. This example forecast ceases at age 90.

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