Lifetime cash-flow forecasting questionnaire

    Information document

    Why should I have a cashflow forecast prepared?

    Planning for the future and knowing when expenses are due and income is expected will allow you to take more control of your finances and provide you with useful information to plan for the future.

    What information could a cashflow give me?

    A cashflow can give you a level of certainty and also will allow you to see where there are potential gaps in your current / future finances.

    We will arrange a time for an adviser to share with you your basic cashflow report during a telephone meeting.

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    The example report you receive is not a personalised recommendation and does not constitute financial advice.

    Your information will only be used for the purpose of this cashflow analysis.

    Any information you provide in this form will be treated in the strictest confidence. We will never pass on your details unless you have given your express permission.

    The example report will be produced assuming you cease working at your State Pension Age and that you are entitled to a full basic state pension. It also assumes that a target of income in retirement of 50% of current income. This example forecast ceases at age 90.


    You Your spouse/partner
    Annual gross income
    Annual Bonus (if applicable) or Commission

    Pension details

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    Estimated value of all pensions (excluding final salary pensions)
    Your monthly contribution
    Employer's monthly contribution
    Final salary pension - annual expected income
    Statement (optional)

    * If not, please provide a copy of your annual statement or statement you received on leaving the pension scheme.

    Income you are expecting in retirement from other sources

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    Income amount per annum
    Other sources - please provide details. For example, buy to let, ISAs

    Savings and investments

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    Total value of cash savings
    Total value of ISA's
    Total value of other investments


    Investment properties
    Do you have investment properties? (not main residence) If yes, total value of equity